In my Life

One of my favorite songs.

One thought on “In my Life

  1. To Claus and Rita

    I listened to this beautiful version of “In My Life”. It is a SPLENDID version !!!
    I mean it !!!

    Very sensitive and meaningful in the arrangement and interpretation.
    In fact I realise that I had never really “listened” to the lyrics because the song, by the Beatles, had a “light” atmosphere. But in this version Claus gives the lyrics their “fullness” through his interpretation. It is not a “light” song it is a deeper theme… it is much more “serious” than it appears and Claus reveals it beautifully.
    I love the slower tempo which gives the song an authentic, genuine and right “feeling”.
    The arrangement is VERY elegant and refined (it is evrything I loooove) full of harmonic and rythmic subtleties… Great job on the guitar… beautifully picked, and on the bass too. I love this beautiful simplicity… just a guitar and a bass… but what a guitar and what a bass !!! It “seems” to be simple (because it is fluid) but it is RICH
    PERFECT alchemistry between the two instruments in terms of sound “colour”, balance, harmony, and rythm. Absolutely BEAU-TI-FUL !
    This instrumental combination, when it is played like this, is really incredibly touching and moving. I have a feeling of musical “fullness”.
    I’m looking forward to listening to the other Beatles songs and the JT’s coming… (soon I hope)

    As for the video and the pictures you did a fantastic job too !!! It is very moving to see pictures of Claus as a child, a teenager, a young man… pfeeewwwwwww !
    The one before last picture of Claus (in black and white) is just incredible… he looks like… John Lennon ! did you do that on purpose ?

    what is this gorgeous tall red brick house on the video ? a real beauty ! The architecture is splendid.

    Once again : great job ! Ausgezeichnet !!! Vielen dank

    Love from… the froggie….

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