Old Soul

Thank you Thea Gilmore for writing this beautiful Song!


4 thoughts on “Old Soul

  1. Hi Claus.

    You did an excellent job with Thea Gilmore’s song.
    I took the liberty of linking the video to DocuTunes, a website run by Liz Witham (Kate Taylor’s daughter), so others could enjoy it.


    You can thank JTO’s Carolyne of Atlanta, GA., for sharing it with me.

    Take care and keep the music flowing,

    1. Thank you so much Andrew!
      Also thank you for linking me to Liz Whitham’s. I really love this site, she did a brilliant job putting all this together.

  2. In the art of giving a brand new soul to a song, you master. It’s always a bit of you that I find in each song that you choose to cover.

    Good job Claus

  3. Hi Claus!
    Do you remeber the concert in Hamburg 120902?

    I am the Danish JTO, Claus who you and Rita helped meeting JT after the concert.

    It’s a very good site you got here, very fine music (inspired by whom?????)lol.

    I lost connection with Rita, do you know if she still, is healthy, and breating?

    It was nice finding this site, if you can help with Rita, then send a mail Please.

    Friendly regards
    Claus – JTO from Denmark

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